Privacy Policy

Last Modified - August, 2013

This policy describes what information we collect from you, why we collect that information, and what steps we take to protect you.

This policy only describes the privacy practices of the Law Offices of C.W. Blaylock. It does not cover data that might be collected by third-parties sites with which our Site interacts such as Facebook or Google Analytics. In addition, this Site may occasionally link to third-party websites and this policy does not describe the privacy situation at those sites.

What we collect:

This Site collects two general types of information about viewers. The first type is statistical data that is collected in the aggregate only. This includes: IP addresses, type of operating system, browser type, the site which referred to our Site, and the keywords you may have used if you found our Site via a search engine.

The second type is information you give to us when you comment on our blog, contact us via our “Contact Us” page, email us, or subscribe to our mailing list.

Why we collect your data:

The first type of information (generic usage data), is collected solely for the purpose of tracking the usage of this Site. We want to know how many people view each page, what site directed them here, and the general geographic location of viewers so that we can tailor the Site to meet user demand. This information is collected in the aggregate only and reveals very little about you as an individual. This type of data is collected and compiled by Google Analytics. Google’s privacy policy can be found at

Personally identifying information such as your name and email address is collected only if you initiate contact with us.


This Site make use of Google Analytics to compile the statistical data we collect. Google Analytics places a cookie (small file) on your computer when you visit. That cookie identifies your computer as a repeat visitor. This allows us to determine which page hits are generated by real people, like you, and which come from search-engine crawlers and other automated systems.

Do Not Track:

A new California law requires websites to describe in their privacy policies how the site responds to browser "do not track requests". Because all of our usage and tracking information affected by a potential "do not track" browser signal is handled by Google Analytics we defer to their policy on this issue. However, it appears that as of this update, Google has not yet incorporated the new information into their policy. We apologize for this limitation and ask that you bear with us as we take steps to better understand and implement the new requirements. Look for an update to this section of our privacy policy in the near future.

How we store your data:

The Law Offices of C.W. Blaylock stores only the information you send us. This information is maintained in an access controlled database.

Some information may be stored by Google as a part of Google’s services and you should visit their privacy policy (found at for details on how they protect your data.


While we are fully committed to protecting your privacy and upholding the confidential nature of our relationship with you, there may be times when need to share personally identifiable data about you with a third-party such as when we believe that doing so is reasonably necessary to provide you with services you request, or if we decide to sell or transfer any part of this law practice.

Who to contact with questions:

If you have any questions about privacy issues in connection with this Site please Contact Us.